A Breakthrough
European Data Sharing Collective
to Fight Cybercrime

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Detect – Respond – Protect With Real-Time DNS Data

A single data breach can cause millions of dollars in damage to an organisation and do significant harm to the internet community. Phishing, ransomware, and other cyberattacks have increased, and there is a need for new security tools that are compliant with GDPR and other European data privacy laws.


Founded and based in Europe for European organisations, SIE Europe enables European Internet defenders to contribute and share real-time passive DNS data to accurately identify, map, and protect their networks from cybercrime activity. Commercial, government and higher education organisations are invited to join this new community.

Committed to making the European digital economy safer for all users, SIE Europe provides free access to shared data to all data contributors. The highly scalable SIE Europe information sharing platform is in strict compliance with privacy laws and regulations.

Why DNS?

  • The Domain Name System (DNS) is the infrastructure of the Internet. Every online transaction, good or bad, begins with a DNS lookup.
  • Cybercriminals leave a digital trail of DNS artifacts including domain names, IP addresses and other infrastructure data.
  • By having real-time visibility and access to this data, Internet defenders can detect current threats but also prevent future attacks.

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